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Family Law Services Include:

  • Divorce

  • Custody

  • Visitation

  • Parent Coordination

  • Property Division

  • Protection from Abuse cases (PFA)

  • Child Support

  • Guardianship/Permanent Guardianship

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Division of Family Services Defense (DFS)

  • Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

  • Substantiation of Abuse cases

  • Dependency/ Neglect cases

If you are faced with a PFA, divorce and property division, custody, or any other family law matter, do not hesitate to contact Laura A. Yiengst of Dover, DE.  Laura A. Yiengst takes the time to listen to her clients and understand their positions in these sometimes delicate and sensitive cases.  Her assertive personality and attention to detail help her clients optimize an outcome with favorable results.

Laura A. Yiengst is an excellent advocate for you and your family.  She is sensitive to your personal situation and is ready to protect your rights and that of your family, promoting both you and your children’s best interests.