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Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

After hour appointments for existing clients can be scheduled if necessary.

What are your office hours?

Please call us at 302 264-9780 to schedule a new client consultation.  

Please be prepared to advise the office staff scheduling the appointment as to the names of all parties involved and the nature of the case. When you are scheduling, you will be advised as to parking, any consultation fee and available methods of payment for the consultation. Any retainer fee will be discussed at the consultation.

How do I make an appointment to speak with an attorney?

Please bring all paperwork you have concerning your case to your appointment.  Be prepared with any questions you may have and what your goal is in handling your case.

How do I prepare for my consultation or first appointment?

Ms. Yiengst is licensed in all Courts in Delaware as well as Federal Court and the U.S. Supreme Court. She routinely handles cases in all three counties. In the event travel is required to either New Castle or Sussex County, Ms. Yiengst only charges for one way travel in hourly cases and a slightly higher amount on flat fee cases to account for the extra time. Although she is licensed in Colorado and Pennsylvania, she is inactive in these states. If your case requires representation in another state, Ms. Yiengst will make every effort to refer you to an attorney or agency in that state.  

Do you handle cases in other counties or states?

You must schedule an appointment for a consultation prior to representation for a family law or domestic case. In rare cases, when there has been an established relationship or there is an emergency, you may be directed to drop off paperwork for review and so a retainer can be quoted first. Criminal law clients may also be directed to do this. There are established ethical requirements for attorney-client relationships which must be followed for the protection of the clients. As such, our office cannot do any work on your case until there is an established relationship.

Can I send an email or letter or call your office instead of coming in for an appointment?

A client's retainer is based on the type of case and nature of the services. In most cases, a retainer is taken in advance and payments are taken out of it each month depending on the hourly rate and amount of time spent on your case. In other cases, a flat fee is charged at the beginning of the case. Regardless of the manner of payment, you will receive monthly bills outlining payments made. Your method of payment is discussed at your consultation and you will be provided with a fee contract outlining the agreement reached. In some cases, filing fees and other necessary litigation fees will be paid out of your retainer. However, you are not charged for routine mailing and copying costs. Alternative payment arrangements can be discussed at your consultation.

How are clients charged?

We accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa.  

What type of payment methods do you accept?

You are encouraged to discuss you case with office staff. The staff will keep your case confidential. However, there is no attorney-client privilege with them and they cannot offer legal advice. It is important that you utilize the staff to leave detailed messages or questions about your case. Sometimes, with Ms. Yiengst's trial schedule, it is more efficient to have a message or question relayed through staff with the staff returning your call.

Can I discuss my case with office staff?